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Interviews are listed in reverse chronological order. Professional titles listed are as of the date of the interview.

WolpeHoward Wolpe; Congressional Representative and Chair of the House Subcommitteeon Africa: "The Role of Congress in Foreign Policy," 11/12/82

"The Soviet Union after Brezhnev"
George Breslauer, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
Alexander Dallin, Professor of Political Science and History, Stanford University
Gail Lapidus, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
Jerry Hough, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Professor of Political Science, Duke University
November 12, 1982

"Problems Confronting the NATO Alliance"
Eyvind Schibbye, Commander, Allied Air Forces, South Norway
Alfonso Boecker, Deputy Chief of Mission, Federal Republic of Germany; NATO Delegation
Bernard Bot, Deputy Chief of Mission, Netherlands NATO Delegation
November 11, 1982

"Crisis in the World Economy"
Albert Bressand, Deputy Director, French Institute for Foreign Affairs, Paris
With Stephen Cohen, Professor of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
November 4, 1982

"Graduate Training and Career Opportunities in International Affairs"
George Crowell, Associate Dean, School of Advanced International Study, Johns Hopkins University;
Ruth L. Miller, Director of Graduate Admissions, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University;
Gerard Sheehan, Deputy Director, Graduate Program, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University; and
Glynn Wood, Academic Dean, Monterey Institute of International Studies
October 28, 1982

"Covering China"
Bruce Dunning, China Correspondent, CBS News
With Andrew Stern, Director, Broadcast Journalism Program, UC Berkeley
October 26, 1982

"The Future of U.S. - German Relations"
Gerd Bucerius, Publisher, Die Zeit
Theo Sommer, Editor, Die Zeit
With Ernst Haas, Robeson Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
October 21, 1982

"Protectionism or Free Trade: Whither the International Economy?"
Michael Aho, Trade Policy Analyst; Former Director, Foreign Economic Research, U.S. Department of Labor
With John Zysman, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley; and Stephen Cohen, Professor of City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
October 19, 1982

"Germany and the International Economy"
Birgit Breuel, Minister of Economics and Transport, State of Lower Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany
September 8, 1982

BallDesmond Ball; Senior Fellow, Strategic and Defense Study Center, Australian National University, with Gene Rochlin, Lecturer in Energy and Resources Program, UCB: "Can Nuclear War Be Controlled?" 8/25/82

"The Future of the Alliance"
Peter Corterier, State Minister, The Foreign Office, Federal Republic of Germany
With Mark Paul, Opinion Page Editor, Oakland Tribune
July 9, 1982

"The Soviet Threat"
Dimitri Simes, Executive Director, Soviet and East European Studies, Johns Hopkins University
With Paul Seabury, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
June 8, 1982

"Germany: Between East and West"
Kurt Biedenkopf, Deputy Chairman, Christian Democratic Union, Federal Republic of Germany
With Frederick Tubach, Professor of German, UC Berkeley
May 27, 1982

HabibPhilip Habib; diplomat: "The Work of Diplomacy," 5/14/82

"French Financial Policy under Socialism"
Gerard de Margerie, Financial Counselor, French Embassy, Washington, DC
With John Zysman, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley; and John Letiche, Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley
May 12, 1982

"U.S. Foreign Policy and the Western Alliance"
Flora Lewis, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The New York Times
With Nelson Polsby, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
May 4, 1982

"The International Communist Movement"
Giorgio Napolitano, President, Communist Group in the Italian Chamber of Deputies; Member, Political Bureau of the Italian Communist Party
With Kenneth Jowitt, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
May 3, 1982

YorkHerbert York; Director, Program in Science, Techology, and Public Affairs and Professor of Physics, UC San Diego: "The Nuclear Arms Race," 4/26/82

"U.S. - German Relations"
Manfred Lahnstein, State Secretary, Federal Chancellery, Federal Republic of Germany
With Gerald Feldman, Professor of History, UC Berkeley
April 5, 1982

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