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Interviews are listed in reverse chronological order. Professional titles listed are as of the date of the interview.

"U.S. Foreign Policy and Conflict in Central America"
Arturo Cruz, former Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United States, former Head of the Nicaraguan Central Bank, former leader of the Contras
June 30, 1987

"Current Issues in Hungary"
Gyorgy Aczel, Director-General of the Institute of Social Studies of the Central Committee and Member of the Political Bureau of the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party
With Andrew C. Janos, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley; and Bela Szombati, Interpreter
May 11, 1987

"Scientists and the East - West Dialogue"
Vitalii Goldanskii, Member, U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences
With John Holdren, Professor of Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley and Chair, U.S. Pugwash Committee
May 7, 1987

"Soviet Perception of U.S. Foreign Policy"
Henry A. Trofimenko, Head of the Department for the Study of U.S. Foreign Policy, Institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences
April 30, 1987

BouldingFather J. Bryan Hehir; Secretary of the Department of Social Development and World Peace of the U.S. Catholic Conference, Senior Research Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University: "Ethics and Foreign Policy ," 4/2/87

BouldingKenneth Boulding; University Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Colorado: "National Security through Stable Peace," 3/16/87

LuttwakEdward Luttwak; Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University: "Strategy," 3/10/87

"U.S. - Indian Relations"
Pratab Kaul, Ambassador of India to the U.S.
March 4, 1987

"Star Wars"
Robert Bowman, President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, Former Head of the Air Force Star Wars Program
March 3, 1987

"French Politics"
Laurent Fabius, former Prime Minister of France
With Stephen Cohen, Professor of City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
February 20, 1987

"Mexico and the Problem of International Debt"
Jesus Silva Herzog, former Finance Minister of Mexico
February 10, 1987

"Economic Decline and National Security"
David Denoon, Associate Professor of Politics and Economics, New York University, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1981 to 1982
February 5, 1987

"U.S. - Pakistani Relations"
Jamsheed Marker, Ambassador of Pakistan to the U.S.
January 21, 1987

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