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Interviews by Date: 1988

Interviews are listed in reverse chronological order. Professional titles listed are as of the date of the interview.

Tornudd Klaus Tornudd; Embassador of Finland to the United Nations: "Finland's Foreign Policy in a Changing World," 12/5/88

LewisSamuel Lewis; Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and President of the U.S. Peace Institute: "Reflections on the Work of Diplomacy and the Peace Process," 11/15/88

ACampoEmile a Campo; Director-General, Council of Ministers of the European Communities: "Europe and 1992," 11/14/88

SheehanNeil Sheehan; Author, A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam, winner of the Pulitzer Prize: "Remembering Vietnam," 11/14/88

"Political Change in Chile"
Arturo Valenzuela, Professor of Government, Georgetown University
Pamela Constable, Foreign Correspondent, Boston Globe
October 30, 1988

"The World Economy and Relations between the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany"
Wilhelm Nölling, President, Landeszentralbank, Hamburg, FRG
October 19, 1988

"Gorbachev's Reforms"
Jerry Hough, Professor of Political Science, Duke University and Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute
October 17, 1988

"Current Issues in the Politics of the Federal Republic of Germany"
Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Deputy Chairperson, Social Democratic Party of the Federal Repubic of Germany (SPD)
October 3, 1988

"Solidarity and the Future of Poland"
Janusz Onyszkiewicz, Leading Spokesman for Solidarity, Professor of Mathematics, University of Warsaw
September 19, 1988

"The African National Congress and the Future of South Africa"
Pallo Jordan, Executive Committee, A.N.C.
With Robert Price., Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
May 2, 1988

McConeJohn A. McCone; former Director of the CIA and former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission: "Reflections on a Life in Government Service," 4/21/88

WeisskopfVictor Weisskopf; Professor of Physics, MIT: "A Scientist's Odyssey," 4/7/88

MarkHans Mark; Chancellor, University of Texas: "Technology, Universities, and the Changing International Environment," 3/15/88

YorkHerbert York; Director, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation: "Reminiscences from a Career in Science, National Security, and the University," 2/6/88

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