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Interviews by Date: 1997

Interviews are listed in reverse chronological order. Professional titles listed are as of the date of the interview.

PomfretJohn Pomfret; Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post: "Covering Human Rights," 11/18/97

SimpsonAlan K. Simpson; former U.S. Senator, Wyoming: "Let 'er Rip: Reflections of a Rocky Mountain Senator," 9/17/97

StoneOliver Stone; Filmmaker: "History and the Movies," 4/17/97 and 6/27/97

ShattuckJohn Shattuck; Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: "Diplomacy and the Shaping of a Human Rights Agenda," 4/30/97

GoldstoneRichard Goldstone; Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa, Former Chief Prosecutor for the International Tribunals: "Law and the Search for Justice," 4/14/97

PeressGilles Peress; photographer, Magnum Photos: "Images, Reality, and the Curse of History," 4/10/97

GutmanRoy Gutman; Correspondent, Newsday; winner of the Pulitzer Prize: "Witness to Genocide," 4/10/97

MicossiStefano Micossi; Director General of the Industry Directorate of the European Commission: "Europe and the Information Revolution," 4/2/97

L.W. SmithLeighton W. Smith; Admiral, U.S. Navy, (Retired): "The U.S. Role in Peacekeeping Operations," 4/1/97

MatlockJack Matlock; former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union: "Collapse of Soviet Union and End of the Cold War," 2/13/97

ChanAnson Chan; Chief Secretary, Hong Kong: "Hong Kong's Future," 1/27/97

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