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Interviews by Date: 1998

Interviews are listed in reverse chronological order. Professional titles listed are as of the date of the interview.

WeiWei Jingsheng; Human Rights Activist: "The Political Education of a Chinese Dissident," 11/18/98

MyersNorman Myers; Environmental Scientist and Activist: "The Journey of an Environmental Scientist," 11/11/98

GardnerDavid Pierpont Gardner; former President of the University of California: "Leadership in Education," 10/21/98

SanePierre Sané; Secretary General, Amnesty International: "Human Rights Activism," 10/12/98

BeilinYossi Beilin and Faisal Husseini; Negotiators in the Middle East Peace Process: "A Dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process," 9/15/98

HusseiniFaisal Husseini and Yossi Beilin; Negotiators in the Middle East Peace Process: "A Dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process," 9/15/98

BerdahlRobert Berdahl; Chancellor, UC Berkeley: "Leading Berkeley into the 21st Century," 9/4/98

EllsbergDaniel Ellsberg; Activist and Strategic Analyst: "Reflections on the Vietnam War: Presidential Decisions and Public Dissent," 7/29/98

HendersonThelton Henderson, Jr.; Judge, U.S. District Court, San Francisco: "Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement," 4/29/98

AnnanKofi Annan; Secretary-General, The United Nations: "Leading the United Nations," 4/19/98; also available in video format.

SoyinkaWole Soyinka; 1986 Nobel Laureate in Literature: "Writing, Theater Arts, and Political Activism," 4/16/98

NyeJoseph S. Nye, Jr.; Professor and Dean of JFK School of Government, Harvard: "Theory and Practice in International Relations," 4/8/98

DonnellyAlan Donnelly ; Member of the European Parliament: "Preparing Europe for Monetary Union," 4/6/98

EwaldWendy Ewald; Photographer, Author, Educator: "The Innocent Eye," 4/2/98

HamburgDavid Hamburg; President Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation: "Making Ideas Matter," 3/2/98

WiseRobert Wise; Filmmaker: "The Wise Touch," 2/28/98

LammDonald Lamm; Chair, W.W. Norton Publishing Company: "The Changing World of Publishing," 2/5/98

SachsAlbie Sachs; Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa: "Suffering, Survival, and Transformation," 2/2/98

TysonLaura D'Andrea Tyson; UCB Professor of Economics & Business and former Chair, Council of Economic Advisors: "An Economist Goes to Washington," 1/14/98

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