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Interviews by Date: 1999

Interviews are listed in reverse chronological order. Professional titles listed are as of the date of the interview.

Scheper-HughesNancy Scheper-Hughes; Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley: "Studying the Human Condition: Habits of a Militant Anthropologist," 12/14/99

JowittKen Jowitt; Robson Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley: "The Individual, Charisma, and the Leninist Extinction," 12/7/99

ReyesHernán Reyes, M.D.; Medical Coordinator for Detention-Related Activities, ICRC: "Negotiating Prisoners' Rights," 12/2/99

LiftonRobert Jay Lifton, M.D.; Psychiatrist and author: "Evil, the Self, and Survival," 11/2/99

KreislerHarry Kreisler; Executive Producer and Host of "Conversations with History": "The Story behind 'Conversations with History'"; interview by film artist Ken Jacobs; 10/14/99

JacobsKen Jacobs; Film Artist: "Film and the Creation of Mind," 10/14/99

TarnoffPeter Tarnoff; former Undersecretary of State; former President, Council on Foreign Relations: "Foreign Policy in a Democracy," 10/13/99

KarekeziAlice Karekezi; Human Rights Activist: "Justice in Rwanda: The Rights of Women," 10/5/99
Interview en français

Krenzler Horst Krenzler; former European Commission Director General for External Relations: "Europe and the World," 9/30/99

SearleJohn Searle; Mills Professor of Philosophy, UC Berkeley: "Philosophy and the Habits of Critical Thinking," 9/22/99

CrewsFrederick Crews; Professor Emeritus of English, UC Berkeley: "Criticism and the Empirical Attitude," 8/24/99

OeKenzaburo Oe; 1994 Nobel Laureate in Literature"Art and Healing," 4/16/99

MikvaAbner J. Mikva; former Congressman, Appellate Judge, and Counsel to the President"Politics, Values, and the Separation of Powers," 4/12/99

PattenChristopher Patten; The Last Governor-General of Hong Kong: "Ideas, Political Leadership, and the Lessons of Hong Kong," 4/8/99

PodhoretzNorman Podhoretz; writer and former editor of Commentary: "The Battle over Ideas," 4/6/99

RhodesFrank Rhodes; President Emeritus, Cornell University: "Adaptation and Change in the American University," 3/31/99

OgataSadako Ogata; UN High Commissioner for Refugees: "Humanitarian Assistance," 3/17/99

DannerMark Danner; Staff Writer, New Yorker (two interviews): "Being a Writer," 3/3/99
Second interview: "Ideas and Leadership in U.S. Foreign Policy,"; 5/3/99

ShinodaMasahiro Shinoda; film director (with his wife, actress Shima Iwashita): "The Movie Experience," 2/27/99

IwashimaShima Iwashita; actress (with her husband, film director Masahiro Shinoda): "The Movie Experience," 2/27/99

StoverEric Stover; Human Rights Activist and writer: "Human Rights Work," 2/16/99

TharoorShashi Tharoor; writer and Director of Communications and Special Projects for the Secretary-General of the UN: "The Art of Writing; The Work of Diplomacy," 2/8/99

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