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This course is made possible by the support of the Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science.

This course examines U.S. foreign policy in the aftermath of 9/11, the Iraq War, and other challenges facing the U.S. It comprises a series of lectures and panels by distinguished visitors from around the world.

The course can be taken for 2 units and can be taken for pass/fail credit only. Majors from all disciplines are invited to enroll. The course is open to the public as a lecture series.

The domestic and international context of policy are the twin foci of the course in order to facilitate informed understanding of global events.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • How do ideas, institutions, and politics shape foreign policy?
  • How do international politics, global society, and important bilateral relations constrain policy choices?
  • What are the implications of foreign policy choices for domestic politics? For world order and international justice?
  • What are the implications of domestic politics for foreign policy?
  • What are the choices in confronting problems such as terrorism, climate change, and pandemics?

Syllabi from Previous Years:
  Spring 2006
  Spring 2005
  Spring 2004
  Spring 2003
  Spring 2002

This course is cosponsored by the Travers Program on U.S. Foreign Policy and the Office of the Chancellor.

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