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Shaping Russia's Transformation:  A Leader of Perestroika Looks Back: Conversation with Alexander Yakovlev, 11/21/96 by Harry Kreisler

This interview is part of the Institute's "Conversations with History" series, and uses Internet technology to share with the public Berkeley's distinction as a global forum for ideas.

Alexander Yakovlev was a powerful voice in the Soviet liberalization movement that became known as perestroika and glasnost. See the brief biographical sketch of Yakovlev, and his speech as 1993 Sanford S. Elberg Lecturer in International Studies, "The Future of Democracy in Russia."

Welcome to a Conversation on International Affairs. I'm Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies. Our distinguished guest today is Alexander Yakovlev. In his distinguished career, Mr. Yakovlev has been a journalist, a historian, and an official of the Communist Party. He was the intellectual force behind perestroika and is with us today visiting the campus and the Institute of International Studies. Joining us in the studio is Gregory Freidan, Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature at Stanford, who will serve as our translator.

  1. Background ... peasant village ... early books ... parents' attitude toward studies
  2. Shaping of a Reformer (I) ... the weight of the past ... denunciation of Stalin
  3. Shaping of a Reformer (II) ... exchange student in the U.S. ... ambassador to Canada
  4. Working with Gorbachev ... early dealings ... Gorbachev's visit to Canada
  5. Implementing Reform ... successes and dangers ... the Weimar analogy
  6. Lessons Learned

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