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Alongside Nelson Mandela: Reminiscences of a former political prisoner under Apartheid; Conversation with Ahmed Kathrada, 11/8/96 by Harry Kriesler

This interview is part of the Institute's "Conversations with History" series, and uses Internet technology to share with the public Berkeley's distinction as a global forum for ideas.

South African Ahmed Kathrada served 26 years as a political prisoner of apartheid with Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. He is now a member of South Africa's Parliament.For more information about Mr. Kathrada, see the note on the Ahmed M. Kathrada Collection at Michigan State University. Photos by Benny Gool reprinted from the Johannesburg Cape Times are courtesy of Artists for a New South Africa (310-204-1748).

Welcome to a "Conversation on International Affairs." I'm Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies. Our distinguished guest today is Ahmed Kathrada, a leading political figure in South Africa. Mr. Kathrada began his involvement in the struggle against apartheid as a youth leader of the South African Indian community. He became a core member of the ANC, was convicted in the famed Rivonia trial, and served 26 years in prison with President Mandela. Now his responsibilities include serving as a member of Parliament, Parliamentary Councilor to the Office of the President, and preserving the history of Robben Island.

  1. Background ... origins of Indian community in South Africa ... Kathrada's education
  2. Political Career ... early political work ... influence of Gandhi ... imprisonment ... growing up with diversity
  3. Life as a Political Prisoner (part 1) ... co-defendant with Mandela and Sisulu ... prisoner's state of mind ... clandestine work
  4. Life as a Political Prisoner (part 2) ... news from the outside ... Mandela's assistance to other prisoners ... returning home
  5. Life Without Children ... Kathrada's goddaughter ... an unnatural world ... Mandela's gift to children
  6. Keys to Survival ... religious faith ... education ... political work ... dignity ... faith in a just cause
  7. Mandela and Sisulu as Leaders ... flu outbreak
  8. Freedom ... cultural shock ... lasting relationships ... relief fund for ex-political prisoners ... voting
  9. Reconciliation and Justice ... amnesty
  10. Lessons Learned

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