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The European Peace Movement: Conversation with Petra K. Kelly, Member of the Green Party and Member of the Bundestag, and General Gert Bastian, Retired General and Member of the Bundestag: 10/23/84 by Harry Kreisler

Welcome to a conversation on the European peace movement. I'm Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies. Our two guests today are Petra Kelly, a leading member of the Green Party who served from March 1983 to March 1984 as speaker of the Green Party's parliamentary group. Also joining us in the studio is General Gert Bastian. Gert Bastian became an officer in the German armed forced in 1956 and rose to the position of Brigadier and Division Commander. On January 16, 1980, he resigned from the military because of his profound misgivings about NATO's decision regarding missile deployment. Since March 6, 1983, Gert Bastian has been a member of the Tenth German Bundestag as a representative of the Green Party.

  1. Turning to the Peace Movement ... link between Green Party and peace movement ... Bastian's motiviation as soldier
  2. New Weapons Change Military Strategy ... from deterrence to offensive ... false argument of response to Soviet weaponry ... war-fighting strategy
  3. Emergence of the Peace Movement ... gaining support of members of the military ... moral questions ... ordinary people become experts ... failure of the SPD ... questioning by German citizens ... rationality of the peace movement
  4. Peace Movements and Weapons Forces in the East and West ... greater responsibility for peace movement in the West ... being "blackmailed" ... alliance of East and West peace movements ... muclear vs. conventional forces ... European deterrent ... no Soviet superiority
  5. Anti-Americanism and the Peace Movement ... peace activism of American people ... criticism of Reagan ... governments' hypocrisy ... non-alignment ... weapons race damages U.S.-German relations ... anti-American faction of Green Party ... quitting the Parliament ... rejecting militarism everywhere ... internationalism ... German neo-Fascism
  6. Achievements, Goals, and Challenges ... raising consciousness ... tactical alliance with SPD ... the problem of term rotations ... misconceptions of the peace movement

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