Hans Mark Interview: Conversations with History; Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley

    Universities, and the Changing International Environment: Conversation with 
    Hans Mark, Chancellor of the University of Texas System; 3/15/88 by 
    Harry Kreisler

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Dr. Mark, welcome back to Berkeley. You did your undergraduate work here, is that correct?

I did indeed, and long before most people around here remember or were even born. I graduated in 1951.

And then you went on to MIT to do your Ph.D.?


What do you remember about your years here at Berkeley, anything you would like to share with us?

Oh gosh; having been named Chester Nimitz Lecturer, I guess the thing that comes to mind most frequently is that I was in the Naval ROTC unit here right after the war, and Admiral Nimitz' son, Chester W. Nimitz Jr., was the executive officer of the unit. So I remember that and I remember drilling on Edwards Field and going on cruises with ships that were then stationed over in Treasure Island. Those are immediate postwar memories.

And then you came back here to teach?

Yes, I was on the faculty for nine years.

And Chairman of the Department of Nuclear Engineering. Then of course, you went on to head many major research organizations, including the Ames Laboratory at Moffitt Field.

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