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Harry Kreisler

Harry Kreisler is executive producer and host of the series, which is produced at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. Conceived in 1982 by Mr. Kreisler as a way to capture and preserve through conversation and technology the intellectual ferment of our times, Conversations with History includes over 450 interviews.
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BacevichBacevich, Andrew J.; Professor of International Relations and Director, Center for International Relations, Boston University: "The Military and U.S. Foreign Policy," 5/9/05

BaerBaer, Robert; author and former CIA operative: "Dealing with Iran," 7/28/09

BallBall, Desmond; Senior Fellow, Strategic and Defense Study Center, Australian National University: "Can Nuclear War Be Controlled?," 8/25/82

BarnettBarnett, Thomas P.M.; Military Strategist: "The Pentagon's New Map," 3/8/05

BasriBasri, Gibor; Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley: "Reaching for the Stars," 6/14/09

BastianBastian, Gert; Retired General and Member of the Bundestag, and Petra Kelly: "The European Peace Movement," 10/23/84

BeilinBeilin, Yossi; Former Minister of Justice, Israel: "Searching for Peace in the Middle East," 10/3/03; and, with Faisal Husseini: "A Dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process," 9/15/98

Benhabib Benhabib, Seyla; Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Yale University: "Philosophic Iterations, Cosmopolitanism, and the 'Right to Rights,'" 3/18/04

BenjaminBenjamin, Daniel; Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies: "National Security in an Age of Sacred Terror," 2/6/06

Berdahl Berdahl, Robert; Chancellor, University of California at Berkeley: "Leading Berkeley into the 21st Century," 9/4/98

Bergman Bergman, Lowell; Reporter/Producer and Professor at the Graduate School of Journalism, UCB: "A 'Long March through the Institution' of Television Journalism," 1/31/01

H.Smith Biddle, Stephen; Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations: "Military Victory in the Information Age," 1/27/06; and "Strategy and the Iraq War," 11/26/07

Bobbitt Bobbitt, Phillip; Herbert Wechsler Professor of Jurisprudence, Columbia University: "Terror and Consent: The Wars for the 21st Century," 5/2/08

Bodine Bodine, Barbara; U.S. Ambassador to Yemen (1997-2001): "Diplomacy and U.S. Foreign Policy," 5/2/08

Boot Boot, Max; Olin Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, New York: "Small Wars and U.S. Foreign Policy," 3/12/03; and, "Revolutions in Military Affairs and the War on Terror," 11/6/06
 (2003)  (2006)

BouchardBouchard, Jacques; French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA): "Nuclear Power, Proliferation and the Challenges of Global Climate Change," 02/27/09

E. Boulding Boulding, Elise; Professor Emerita, Dartmouth College: "Peace Movements, Peace Research, and the Peace Process," 4/1/86

K. Boulding Boulding, Kenneth; University Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Colorado: "National Security through Stable Peace," 3/16/87

BrahimiBrahimi, Lakhdar; UN Special Envoy: "Negotiating," 4/5/05

BrilliantBrilliant, Larry M.D.; Executive Director, "A Life of Service," 4/17/06

Burghardt Burghardt, Guenter; Head of the European Commission's Delegation to the United States: "The European Union and Transatlantic Relations," 3/7/02


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