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Harry Kreisler

Harry Kreisler is executive producer and host of the series, which is produced at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. Conceived in 1982 by Mr. Kreisler as a way to capture and preserve through conversation and technology the intellectual ferment of our times, Conversations with History includes over 450 interviews.
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KahnemanKahneman, Daniel; 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics; Eugene Higgens Professor of Psychology, Princeton: "Intuition and Rationality," 2/7/07

Karekezi Karekezi, Alice; Human Rights Activist: "Justice in Rwanda: The Rights of Women," 10/5/99

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Kathrada Kathrada, Ahmed; former political prisoner of Apartheid: "Alongside Nelson Mandela," 11/8/96

Kaunda Kaunda, Kenneth D.; First President of Zambia (1964-1991): "Reflections on Empire, Nationalism, and Globalization," 11/3/06

Kelly Kelly, Petra, Member of the Green Party and Member of the Bundestag; and Gert Bastian, Retired General and Member of the Bundestag: "The European Peace Movement," 10/23/84

KennedyKennedy, David M.; McLachlan Professor of History Emeritus, Stanford University: "Lessons from FDR's New Deal," 02/03/09

Kennedy Kennedy, Donald; President Emeritus, Bing Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Stanford University.: "Science, Government, and the University,” 11/08/07

Keohane Keohane, Robert O.; James B. Duke Professor of Political Science, Duke University: "Theory and International Institutions," 3/9/04

KhalilzadKhalilzad, Amb. Zalmay; U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (2003-2005, Iraq 2005-2007, and the United Nations(2007-2008): "Responding to Strategic Challenges Post 9-11," 05/12/09

Khanna Khanna, Parag; Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation: "Global Competition and the Rise of the Second World,” 03/21/08

SandsJeremy Kinsman; Diplomat-in-Residence, Princeton University: "Diplomacy," 11/21/08

Kiano Kiano, Julius G.; Director of the Kenya Broadcast Corporation and former Kenyan cabinet minister: "Kenyan Independence: The Early Years," 9/14/89

KingKing, Sir David; Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Great Britain: "Science and Public Policy," 9/15/05

Kinnock Kinnock, Neil; Member of British Parliament and former Head of the Labour Party of Great Britain: "The Work of Politics," 3/9/94

Kinsley Kinsley, Michael; Columnist, The Washington Post: "Journalism in the Digital Age," 4/10/05

Koch Koch, Christof; Lois and Victor Troendle Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Biology at Caltech: "Consciousness and the Biology of the Brain," 3/24/06

Koh Koh, Harold Hongju; Professor of International Law, Yale University: "Transnational Legal Process and World Order," 10/3/03

Krasner Krasner, Stephen D.; Graham H. Stuart Professor of International Relations, Stanford University: "Sovereignty*," 3/31/03; and, "System Change or More of the Same," 10/29/07
 (2003) (2007)

Kreisler Kreisler, Harry; Executive Director and Host of Conversations with History: "The Story behind Conversations with History," 10/14/99; interviewed by Ken Jacobs

Krenzler Krenzler, Horst; former European Commission Director General for External Relations: "Europe and the World," 9/30/99

Kritaya Kritaya Archavanitkul; demographer and human rights activist: "Emerging Issues in Human Rights in Southeast Asia," 10/25/96


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