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Harry Kreisler

Harry Kreisler is executive producer and host of the series, which is produced at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. Conceived in 1982 by Mr. Kreisler as a way to capture and preserve through conversation and technology the intellectual ferment of our times, Conversations with History includes over 450 interviews.
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Lamm Lamm, Donald S.; chair, W. W. Norton Publishing Company: "The Changing World of Publishing," 2/5/98

LanierLanier, Jaron; Computer Scientist and Artist: "Culture and Technology," 10/3/05

LaphamLapham, Lewis H.; Editor of Harper's Magazine, 1976-2006: "An Editor's Odyssey," 10/7/06

Lapidus Lapidus, Ira; Professor Emeritus of History, UC Berkeley: "Islamic Societies," 1/14/03

Larson Larson, Charles R.; Admiral, U.S. Navy, Ret., and former Commander of U.S. Pacific Forces: "Education and Leadership in the Military," 3/9/00

LeachLeach, James; Former Congressman: "Congress, Leadership and the Economic Collapse," 03/17/09

LedermanLederman, Leon; Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate: "A Life in Science," 10/15/09

Lehman Lehman, John; former Secretary of the Navy (1981-87): "Managing National Security Policy," 5/16/91

Leonard Leonard, Mark; Executive Director, European Council on Foreign Relations: "What Does China Think?" 5/12/08

LeviLevi, Michael; Fellow for Science and Technology, Council on Foreign Relations: "Nuclear Terrorism," 11/27/07

LewisLewis, Samuel; Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and President of the U.S. Peace Institute: "Reflections on the Work of Diplomacy and the Peace Process," 11/15/88

Lewontin Lewontin, Richard; Alexander Agassiz Research Professor, Harvard University: "Science and Politics," 11/20/03

Lieven Lieven, Anatol; Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for Peace: "A European Perspective on American Nationalism," 5/6/04; and, as Senior Fellow, New America Foundation: "Ethical Realism and U.S. Foreign Policy" (with John Hulsman), 10/25/06
 (2004)  video (2006)

Lifton Lifton, Robert Jay; Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, John Jay College and City University of New York: "Evil, the Self, and Survival," 11/2/99

Liljelund Liljelund, Lars-Erik; Director General of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: "Climate Change and Public Policy," 3/20/06

LovinsAmory Lovins; Cofounder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute: "Natural Capitalism," 10/28/08

LundestadLundestad, Geir; Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Commission: "The Nobel Peace Prize and International Relations," 9/20/05

Lustick Lustick, Ian; Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania: "Coming to Terms with Israel," 3/4/02; and "Trapped in the War on Terror," 5/1/06
 video (2002)  (2006)

LuttwakEdward Luttwak; Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University: "Strategy," 3/10/87; and, "The Logic of Strategy and U.S. Foreign Policy," 11/05/07
 (1987) (2007)

Lyman Lyman, Princeton; Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations: "U.S. Foreign Policy and Globalization," 2/28/02; and "A Strategic U.S. Approach to Africa," 2/16/06
 (2002)  (2006)


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