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Harry Kreisler

Harry Kreisler is executive producer and host of the series, which is produced at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. Conceived in 1982 by Mr. Kreisler as a way to capture and preserve through conversation and technology the intellectual ferment of our times, Conversations with History includes over 450 interviews.
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PamukPamuk, Orhan; Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature: "Finding an Authentic Voice," 11/6/09

Panetta Panetta, Leon; former Congressman and former Director of the Office of Management and Budget: "Leadership, Values, and the Changing Face of Politics," 5/22/00

Pape Pape, Robert A.; Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago: "The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism," 2/16/06

ParsiParsi, Trita; Adjunct Professor of International Relations at School for Advanced International Studies,Johns Hopkins University:"Iran, Israel, and the United States," 11/30/07

PatrickPatrick, Stewart; Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations: "Building a Multilateral International Order," 04/3/09

Patten Patten, Christopher; Great Britain*: "Shaping Environmental Policy," 8/10/89:  video (1989);
"Ideas, Political Leadership, and the Lessons of Hong Kong," 4/8/99:  video (1999);
"Europe and the World," 1/30/06:  video (2006)

*The Right Honorable Lord Patten's professional titles have changed over the years; see specific interviews.

PattersonPatterson, Annabel; Sterling Professor Emeritus of English, Yale University: "The Power of Words and the Power over Words," 04/10/08

PaulPaul, T.V.; Professor, McGill University: "Nuclear Weapons and International Conflict," 10/20/09

PaulingLinus Pauling; Nobel Laureate: "The Peace Movement in Historical Perspective," 1/18/83

PeeblesPeebles, James E.; Professor Emeritus of Cosmology; former Albert Einstien Professor of Science, Princeton University: "A Cosmologist's Intellectual Journey," 10/12/06

Peress Peress, Gilles; photographer, Magnum Photos: "Images, Reality, and the Curse of History," 4/10/97

Peretz Peretz, Henri; Professor of Sociology, University of Paris: "Oral History in Sociological Research," 5/14/02

PerryPerry, John; Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University: "Identity," 03/12/09

Pfaff Pfaff, William; columnist, International Herald Tribune: "The End of the Cold War in Europe," 5/7/90

PiersonPierson, Paul; Avice Saint Chair in Public Policy, Department of Political Science, UCB: "The Transformation of American Politics," 12/1/05

Pipes Pipes, Daniel; Director, Middle East Forum: "Militant Islam," 2/10/04

PlumbLord Plumb of Coleshill; DL MEP, former President of the European Parliament (1987-1989): "An Englishman Talks about his Commitment to the European Community," 1/26/90

Podhoretz Podhoretz, Norman; writer and former Editor in Chief of Commentary: "The Battle over Ideas," 4/6/99

PollanPollan, Michael; Knight Professor of Journalism, UC Berkeley: "The Politics of Food," 12/16/08

Polsby Polsby, Nelson W.; Heller Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley: "Institutional Change in the U.S. Congress," 9/4/02

Pomfret Pomfret, John; Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post: "Covering Human Rights," 11/18/97; and, "The Emergence of the New China," 2/8/07
 video (2007)

Power Power, Samantha; Professor, Kennedy School, Harvard University: Chasing the Flame," 2/26/08
video (2008)

Prestowitz Prestowitz, Clyde; President of the Economic Strategy Institute: "The Changing Balance of International Economic Power," 8/9/05


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