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Harry Kreisler

Harry Kreisler is executive producer and host of the series, which is produced at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. Conceived in 1982 by Mr. Kreisler as a way to capture and preserve through conversation and technology the intellectual ferment of our times, Conversations with History includes over 450 interviews.
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Rampini Rampini, Federico; West Coast and Pacific Rim Correspondent, La Repubblica: "Europe and the Left," 9/25/02

Rashid Rashid, Ahmed; Author and Journalist: "The Rise of Militant Islam," 3/26/02; and, "Descent into Chaos," 6/12/08
video (2002)  video (2008)

Rehn Rehn, Olli; Research Director, University of Finland: "Finland in a Changing World," 2/26/03

Reyes Reyes, Hernán, M.D.; Medical Coordinator for Detention-Related Activities, ICRC: "Negotiating Prisoners' Rights," 12/2/99

Rhodes Rhodes, Frank; President Emeritus, Cornell University: "Adaptation and Change in the American University," 3/31/99

Reiff Rich, Nathaniel; Associate Editor, Paris Review: "San Francisco in Film Noir," 6/23/05

Richardson Richardson, Louise; Executive Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University: "What Terrorists Want," 9/19/07

Richie Richie, Donald; writer and film critic: "Writing, Film, and Japan: An Expatriate's View," 9/21/01

Reiff Rieff, David; author: "Humanitarianism, the Human Rights Movement, and U.S. Foreign Policy," 3/11/03

Rikhye Rikhye, Indar Jit; President, International Peace Academy: "Problems and Prospects for International Peacekeeping Efforts," 2/15/83

Rosen Rosen, Ruth; historian and columnist: "The Women's Movement in Historical Perspective," 12/5/01

Roy Roy, Olivier; Senior Researcher, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris: "The Political Imagination of Islam," 4/16/02; and "Globalization and Islam," 1/25/07
 video (2002)  video (2007)

RuanRuan Zongze; Vice President, Chinese Institute of International Studies, Beijing: "China, the United States, and World Order," 9/23/03

Rusher Rusher, William A.; former publisher of the National Review: "The Conservative Movement," 4/25/90


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