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Conversations with History

In these lively and unedited interviews, distinguished men and women from all over the world talk about their lives and their work. For more information, see the Conversations home page.

Recent Interviews from 2004

WilsonJoseph Wilson, IV ; Former U.S. Ambassador: "A Diplomat's Odyssey," 5/27/04
MeadWalter Russell Mead; Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations: "American Grand Strategy in a World at Risk," 5/10/04
LievenAnatol Lieven; Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for Peace: "American Nationalism," 5/6/04
EngelhardtTom Engelhardt; Editor and Writer: "Taking Back the Word," 4/23/04
SchoriPierre Schori; Permanent Representative of Sweden to the UN: "Sweden and the United Nations," 4/20/04
MellbournAnders Mellbourn; Director of the Swedish Institute of International Affiars: "Sweden in the Post-9/11 World," 4/19/04
SharanskyNatan Sharansky; Minister in the Israeli Government: "Science, Faith, and Survival," 4/16/04
JoffeJosef Joffe; Editor, Die Zeit: "The U.S. and Europe after the Iraq War," 4/12/04
SegevTom Segev; Columnist for Haaretz: "Israeli National Identity," 4/8/04
HansonVictor Davis Hanson; Senior Felllow, Hoover Institution: "War," 4/2/04
BenhabibSeyla Benhabib; Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Yale University: "Philosophic Iterations, Cosmopolitanism, and the 'Right to Rights,'" 3/18/04
WambaErnest Wamba dia Wamba; Senator, Democratic Republic of Congo: "Building Democratic Institutions," 3/17/04
HardtMichael Hardt; Professor of Literature and Romance Studies, Duke University: "Empire," 3/12/04
ScalesRobert H. Scales, Jr; Major General, U.S. Army, ret.: "Military Strategy and the Future of Land Warfare," 3/9/04
KeohaneRobert O. Keohane; James B. Duke Professor of Political Science, Duke University: "Theory and International Institutions," 3/9/04
HarveyDavid Harvey; Distinguished Professor of Anthroplogy, City University of New York: "A Geographer's Perspective on the New American Imperialism," 3/2/04
SteelRonald Steel; Professor of International Relations, USC: "The Wilsonian Agenda in U.S. Foreign Policy," 3/1/04
MannMichael Mann; Professor of Sociology, UCLA: "Incoherent Empire," 2/27/04
UrquhartSir Brian Urquhart; Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations: "The United Nations After 9/11," 2/23/04
WalesJane Wales ; CEO of the World Affairs Council of Northern California: "Foreign Policy and Citizen Participation," 2/17/04
ChuSteven Chu; Nobel Laureate, Physics; and Geballe Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Stanford University: "A Scientist's Random Walk," 2/13/04
PipesDaniel Pipes; Director, Middle East Forum: "Militant Islam," 2/10/04
SchwenningerSherle R. Schwenninger; New America Foundation: "Grand Strategy and American Triumphalism," 2/9/04
JohnsonChalmers Johnson; President, Japan Policy Institute: "Militarism and the American Empire," 1/29/04
ChuaAmy Chua; Professor of Law, Yale; author, World on Fire: "The Myths of Globalization: Markets, Democracy, and Ethnic Hatred," 1/22/04
FrumDavid Frum; Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute: "Foreign Policy Ideas in the George W. Bush Administration" 1/20/04
EkmanPaul Ekman; Professor of Psychology, UCSF Medical School: "Face to Face: The Science of Reading Faces," 1/14/04
ShattuckJohn Shattuck; Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Library Foundation: "Inching Forward: Human Rights Policy in the Clinton Administration," 1/13/04

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