Ian Lustick Interview: Conversations with History; Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley

Ian Lustick's Photos of Israel/Palestine

Photo captions are by Ian Lustick. Click on the photo to see a larger image.

Settler house -- "villa" -- in West Bank settlement of Shilo. Sign shows arrow pointing to JFK Int'l Airport (settler is from New York City)
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Cars of Arab workers building Jewish
settlement in West Bank.)

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1993 view of Shilo settlement in West Bank with synagogue built as replica of the Second Temple.
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Right-wing demonstration in Jerusalem, 1994:
"The police serve the Left"

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Anti-Rabin, anti-Oslo demonstrator, 1994. Sign reads: "Arise Israel! They are dirtying your flag. Independence Day, 1994."
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1994 -- East Jerusalem "slave market" -- Palestinians wait to be hired as day laborers
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Palestinian women sewing clothes in West Bank sweatshop -- Arab-owned. Clothes delivered to Tel Aviv with "Made in Israel" labels. 1990.
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Palestinian families trying to see relatives in main Jerusalem prison -- first Intifada
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Palestinians in East Jerusalem crowd toward the door to the tiny municipal office representing the Interior Ministry
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Typical line at checkpoint in West Bank, 1990
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1994: "Attention! You are entering the Palestinian Authority's jurisdiction. Entrance must be coordinated with the IDF.
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1995 -- Palestinian checkpoint in Gaza Strip
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Monument to Martyrs -- Gaza
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Palestinian hotel welcomes Arafat back to Gaza
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Palestinian policemen patrolling Gaza City -- 1995
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West Bank refugee camp, 1990 --
Army erected Barrier of Barrels

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1990 Arab East Jerusalem
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Ian Lustick with Palestinian friends in downtown Arab East Jerusalem, 1994
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Raziel memorial, 5/90; Irgun/Lehi (Right-wing underground). Yair Stern's brother in sunglasses.
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Ratz demo, TAU - anniversary of the beginning of occupation. Dovish (Liberal movement), 1994
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Hunger strike of Palestinian leaders, East Jerusalem, Red Cross Building; following Rishon le-Tzion massacre, 6/90
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Viciarn satire of money-grubbing Haredim sponsored by Saadia Marciano at Beit Berel Histadrut elections, 6/90
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A Redemtion Movement poster
on lavatory pipe in Jerusalem

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