Kenneth Waltz Interview: Conversations with History; Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley

Theory and International Politics: Conversation with Kenneth N. Waltz, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Columbia University; February 10, 2003, by Harry Kreisler
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One final question requiring a brief answer. Other than reading your books, how should a student prepare for this uncertain future, if they're interested in international politics?

One good way of doing it is read The New York Times. In addition, I think International Security is an excellent journal.

What can you do? You can read, you can discuss, you can think. There's not much more you can do. Or you can become politically active. Yes, of course, you can become politically active.

Well, on that note, Ken, I want to thank you very much for spending this time with us and sharing with us your intellectual journey.

Well, thank you. It's been a pleasure.

And thank you very much for joining us for this Conversation with History.

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