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Reflections on Empire, Nationalism, and Globalization: Converesation with His Excellency Kenneth D. Kaunda, First President of Zambia (1964-1991); November 3, 2006, by Harry Kreisler

This interview is part of the Institute's "Conversations with History" series, and uses Internet technology to share with the public Berkeley's distinction as a global forum for ideas.

Welcome to a Conversation with History. I'm Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies. Our distinguished guest today is His Excellency Kenneth Kaunda, who was president of Zambia from 1964 to 1991. After his retirement from politics Dr. Kaunda became very active in the NGO sector, gaining particular renown for his efforts to address the AIDS crisis and for his founding of an NGO, Children of Africa Foundation. He is being honored in California by Project Concern International. Project Concern International's mission is to prevent disease, improve community health, and promote sustainable development.

  1. Background ... missionary parents ... importance of religion ... teaching career ... travel ... observing racism ... discovering politics
  2. Founding Father and Politician ... relationship with the ANC ... political prisoner ... struggle against colonialism ... raising consciousness ... determination to do what's right ... love for your people ... development from scratch
  3. Effects of Globalization ... supporting other liberation movements ... seeking international support ... comparing U.S. presidents ... Reagan and Thatcher kill oil development ... rights and responsibilities of international investors ... the mysterious collapse of copper prices ... globalization of health issues ... Project Concern International ... Kenneth Kaunda Children of Africa foundation ... other international efforts
  4. Conclusions ... principles and politics ... the battle against AIDS ... poverty ... understanding that the world is one

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